Boston’s craft cocktail scene is flourishing, and it’s not hard—if it ever was—to find a good drink in this town.

So now that ChinaCat has decided to plan a bar crawl through the city for her husband’s birthday—yes, there will be a limo!—she has to make some difficult decisions about the evening’s lineup.

Hounds recommend several Kenmore Square stops, including Island Creek Oyster Bar, Clio, and Eastern Standard. DoubleMan suggests ordering the rye-based Prospect Park at Eastern Standard paired with some tartare, and then moving on to “oyster sliders and a drink from Tommy at Island Creek.” With stops at Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar and Deuxave, a Kenmore cocktail crawl is born, which could be a great choice for revelers without wheels.

For those willing to venture to Cambridge, Alcachofa thinks the first stop should be Craigie on Main (“so that you can get a seat”), followed by Green Street. Hounds say that although Green Street barkeeps know how to make a solid classic cocktail, it can get crowded, especially on weekends, so timing is everything.

Drink in Fort Point makes it onto the must-stop-and-swill list for many hounds, though once again, timing is crucial. To avoid the crowds, yarm suggests arriving at 4 p.m. when the doors open. To close out the night on a high note, hounds suggest heading to No. 9 Park. The restaurant “still has the soul that Drink lost way back when,” says ecwashere7, and yarm adds that “showing up after the diners have left around 10 p.m. is the best way to get a seat at the bar.”

Island Creek Oyster Bar [Kenmore Square]
500 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Clio [Back Bay]
370 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Eastern Standard [Kenmore Square]
528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar [Kenmore Square]
1310 Boylston Street, Boston

Deuxave [Back Bay]
371 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Craigie on Main [Central Square]
853 Main Street, Cambridge

Green Street [Central Square]
280 Green Street, Cambridge

Drink [Fort Point]
348 Congress Street, Boston

No. 9 Park [Beacon Hill]
9 Park Street, Boston

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