Santarpio’s Pizza in East Boston and Regina Pizza in the North End are arguably Boston’s most famous pizza joints, and they both have loyal fans. But if you only had one night in the city, which one would you go to?

Opinions are split on the board, but after some vigorous—though admittedly nonscientific—polling, the results are in: Regina is the top choice, with 56 percent of the vote. Santarpio’s received support from 33 percent of the board, and 11 percent of Chowhounds refused to make a choice.

9lives was part of the undecided bloc, and put it this way: “There’s a perfect answer. Go to both!”

Getting a uniformly delicious pie every time was a major factor in the vote. “When Santarpio’s is good, it’s good, but it’s way too inconsistent; too many times I’ve had a soggy center to my crust,” says Karl S. Fellow hound devilham agrees, and says that sometimes, there are problems with how the cheese is spread on Santarpio’s pizzas. In contrast, cherrytomato says that what comes out of the oven at Regina’s is “perfect always.”

Location was another factor. East Boston is less touristy but also more of a trek than the North End. This was a positive for some hounds, and a disadvantage for others.

A third and unexpected factor also came into play, and it may be the most important of all. Regina Pizza is conveniently close to Modern Pastry, home to famous cannoli and sfogliatelle. Combining a visit to Regina’s and Modern Pastry makes a “perfect dinner” for Delhiwala and several other hounds, who apparently had something of a post-pizza pastry bias.

So sadly, or perhaps happily, we may never know for sure which pizza is really best. How would you vote?

Santarpio’s Pizza [East Boston]
111 Chelsea Street, East Boston

Regina Pizza [North End]
11 1/2 Thacher Street, Boston

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