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"One of the first sounds I remember hearing is the thwack of my mother's cleaver as she smacked garlic to remove it from its skin. It's pretty much the same technique I use today and it peels a clove in less than five seconds." JungMann

"In terms of quality of meat, yes it is fresh, but at the halal market I have to be very specific. Like if I just say 'two pounds of goat,' they may give [me] a bunch of bones with only a little meat on it. So instead I have to say, 'I want 2 lbs of goat, cut it from the shoulder, cut it in two-inch chunks, make sure I get meat chunks and not just bone...' [A]nd I have to watch the guy. I see some people who are so specific that they go in the back cooler and select their own whole animal and have it butchered to their specifics. They don't buy the ground beef in the display case but ask for it freshly ground at the time of purchase, and specify the fineness of the grind and all. But I mostly just let them cut from whatever animal is in the display case and take the pre-ground beef." – luckyfatima on buying meat from a butcher

"Chef Carolyn Buster's recipe for beef bourguignon at The Cottage in Calumet City [Illinois] haunts me. There must have been a tremendous amount of caramelized onion in the recipe because it seemed very sweet and, yet, was a savoury dish. It was the best beef bourguignon I ever had. Meaty, sweet, with a noticeable kick from the red wine, it was just unforgettable." – gfr1111

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