Little Saigon bakery Au Couer de Paris has been up and running for over a year now, and it’s just getting better, says adamclyde. They’ve just added a new bread: a dark brown loaf shaped like a baguette. The staff calls it “traditional bread,” but whatever the name, “it has the best crust I’ve had for any bread in Orange County by far,” says adamclyde. “This bread was still a little warm, so it was clearly fresh. But the crust was cracklingly crisp without being overly chewy. I was totally impressed.”

The interior of the bread, though, was less inspiring. The crumb was a bit too uniform and characterless, which means the bakers are rushing the dough. “Which is a total bummer, because the crust is just so, so good,” says adamclyde. “At any rate, it beats the pants off of any bread you can get regularly in the area.” adamclyde says the bakery’s pate chaud is great, the pistachio macaron is “really, really good,” and the croissants are steadily improving.

Au Couer de Paris [Little Saigon]
9441 Edinger Avenue, Westminster

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