What’s the price of happiness? Less than $50, if you ask one hound.

CarrieWas218 visited Hog Island Oyster Co. at the Oxbow Public Market in Napa, where she intended to cheer herself up with a plate of tasty bivalves. Instead, she was taken aback by the size of the bill: nearly $50 for a dozen oysters and a glass of Albariño.

“Dang,” she sighed. “$50 for twenty minutes was totally not worth it. I’m back to finding $1 oyster nights and dealing with crowds.”

A few rallied in defense of Hog Island, and said the price was about right. “$2.50 per oyster is 100% normal,” said bbulkow. And at the very least, glancing at the menu to ensure that the order is in your price range should be standard, some suggested.

One helpful hound offered a tried-and-true bargain option in San Francisco. “We enjoyed fabulously plump little oysters—6 for $6—at Farallon’s happy hour,” said escargot3. “Along with a glass of Gloria Ferrer’s bubbly for $6. Highly recommended.”

Hog Island Oyster Co. [Napa]
610 First Street, Napa

Farallon [Union Square]
450 Post Street, San Francisco

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