When eating and cooking, what are the undisputed rules of engagement?

PotatoHouse‘s irrefutable—and self-explanatory—rule: “NEVER FRY BACON WHILE YOU’RE NAKED!”

sueatmo, meanwhile, advises that cooks should “always read the recipe through before launching out.” pj26 agrees: “[I’m] with you on the recipe reading—so many times I have been caught out by the ‘and now put in the fridge to marinate for 24 hours’ about an hour before my guests arrive.”

On the consumption front, “never yuck somebody’s yum,” suggests Cachetes, because “tasty is in the mouth of the beholder.” And don’t be too quick to judge a dish, says tzurriz: “You have to eat three bites before you can decide if you like it or not.”

But some hounds say it’s OK to jump to conclusions with a recipe. “One of my irrefutable rules is that if a recipe has ‘Cream Of X Soup’ as an ingredient, I move on to something else,” says drongo.

Other tips: “Never eat at a restaurant where the pepper mill is bigger than your date,” says lemons. And theferlyone says that you shouldn’t “eat anything where they feel the need to specify that it’s food in the fine print,” especially anything labeled “meat food.”

“And finally, avoid excessive moderation,” says eclecticsynergy. All words to eat by.

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