Catalyst opened its doors in Kendall Square in early September, and its New American fare is already impressing Boston hounds.

yumyum really enjoyed a lunch of roasted cod over smashed potatoes. “Little bits of crispy bacon set off the perfectly cooked cod, and the rich creamy broth was loaded with shallots, leeks, herbs and scattered with a handful of mussels,” yumyum says. “I expected competently cooked fish, not outstanding fish. This was the latter.”

babka eater also had a great first experience at Catalyst. The baby beets salad was “a very good rendition with shaved fennel and some fried balls of cheese,” and the tournedos of beef were extremely tender. babka eater also tried an “outstanding” peach-almond tart: “It was delicate and was appropriately buttery. The basil coulis provided a nice contrast.”

Both yumyum and babka eater thought the venue was beautiful, although barleywino felt the bar’s ambiance “was like sitting at a chemistry lab bench in a stripped-down hotel lobby.”

Catalyst Restaurant [Kendall Square]
300 Technology Square, Cambridge

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