Overheard on the Los Angeles Board

"Mian geda ... especially in soup form, is one of the most hated dishes from my childhood, and I associate it—doesn't matter in what form—with absolute poverty. To this day, I can't stand the texture of gnocchi due to this dish. The fact that a restaurant serves this ... makes me automatically conflicted. It's cheap to make, it's meant to cater to a specific memory of a certain subset of clientele, it's disgusting, but wonderfully 'authentic.'" – TonyC on Chinese dumpling knots

"You def have to ask for it. The waitress doesn't mention it with the specials and when we asked why, she said the chef doesn't like them to 'push the hash.'" – PaulF on the off-the-menu corned beef hash at Pann's Restaurant & Coffee Shop

"Unless the owner is there or there are at least two of the younger baristas there, it can be a painfully slow process to get that perfect cup of coffee that they brew. ... May they stay in business forever and may never more than four people ever be in the place." – cacio e pepe on coffee that’s worth the wait at Balconi

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