Anyone brave enough to try on wedding dresses at Kleinfeld, a bridal superstore that purports to offer “more designer bridal gowns than any other store on earth,” deserves a nice meal afterward—and preferably one with a drink.

So, wondered stack_c, where’s a good place for dinner near this epicenter of bridal gown bliss (20th Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues)? She was looking for “nothing too elaborate or fancy, perhaps some place with tapas or small plates.”

As it turns out, there are plenty of options. susan1353, for one, likes the Spanish restaurant Boqueria. citykid426 would go for the paella bar Socarrat. Elizabeth E. would try Sagaponack Bar & Grill for “good fish” and the raw bar. RGR adds that ABC Kitchen could be a good option, and mentions as an aside that he’s been to Kleinfeld and found it “a hoot!” Riverman500 is fond of Nuela for “ceviche and small plates,” and uwsister—who opines that Kleinfeld is “a must for any bride, IMO”—likes Bar Stuzzichini’s Italian small plates and the fact that “their prix-fixe was a very good deal, and everything was delicious.”

Solid recommendations, all. What other fine but unfussy restaurants are worthy of a post-Kleinfeld stop?

Boqueria [Flatiron]
53 W. 19th Street, Manhattan

Socarrat [Chelsea]
259 W. 19th Street, Manhattan

Sagaponack Bar & Grill [Flatiron]
4 W. 22nd Street, Manhattan

ABC Kitchen [Flatiron]
35 E. 18th Street, Manhattan

Nuela [Flatiron]
43 W. 24th Street, Manhattan

Bar Stuzzichini [Flatiron]
928 Broadway, Manhattan

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