Recently a few hounds tried fresh pistachios—nuts still in the hull that, according to the owner of Middle East Market in Berkeley, you eat whole, cracking the exterior with your teeth and then spitting out the husk and shell. He recommended them as a bar snack, with beer.

Ruth Lafler tried one at the 50 Fremont Plaza Farmers Market. “It was interesting,” she says. “It definitely tasted like a pistachio, but not as intense as a dried one, and with a little more, well, freshness.” Another scout tried them at the Mountain View Farmers’ Market. “The taste was kind of soft and subtle for me,” says miss louella.

Middle East Market [East Bay]
2054 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

50 Fremont Plaza Farmers Market [SOMA]
50 Fremont Street, San Francisco
No phone available

Mountain View Farmers’ Market [Peninsula]
Caltrain Station, 600 W. Evelyn Avenue, Mountain View

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