Nutella is certainly tasty, but it’s laden with peanut oil. For better chocolate-hazelnut spreadss, without the peanut oil, there are several alternatives.

Check out Trader Joe’s cocoa hazelnut spread, recommends Gastronomos. Also try Merenda, a high-quality spread from Greece.

Le Pain Quotidien sells their own line of delectable chocolate-hazelnut and pure hazelnut spreads.

Canadian Chocolatier Bernard Callebaut makes a decadent hazelnut spead that PaulV prefers to Nutella, and they’ll even ship it to the states.

99 Ranch sells a Dutch brand of hazelnut spread with similar ingredients to Nutella, sans peanut oil.

Nutella loyalists should seek out Italian-made Nutella (distinguished by its glass jar and nutritional info in Italian) which tastes even better than what’s shipped out to the U.S. and doesn’t contain any nasty partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

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