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"I drank chal (fermented camel milk) in Turkmenistan. A fizzy, sort of sour drink—not exactly 'Feh!' but once was enough." - CRF

"Yes, absolutely love Coke for breakfast, and two or three is even better, often consumed while I eat Cheetos. Disgusting, I know. My pathetic excuse for this crap is that I have to set a good example for my daughter at home so I don't have the stuff in the house and drink it at work." - jlhinwa

"I have a South African recipe for soup dumplings (perogen) that calls for 'Holsum.' I discovered that Holsum is a solid palm oil, typically from Malaysia. It is a crumbly solid, not a creamy solid like Crisco. Does anyone know where I can find this product or a desirable substitute?" - phillybakingqueen

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