jeanmarieok‘s spice system: “I’ve been using a small desktop filer, with pockets for each letter of the alphabet, for the spices (most of them) that I buy in bags. Every bag is dated w/ purchase date, then filed alphabetically.”

“I use shallow plastic bins about half the height of a spice jar,” says tastesgoodwhatisit. “They sit in a shelf under the counter, and one holds herbs, one holds spices, and the other holds spice mixes and peppers. I use either the jars the spices came in, or fill jars from bagged spices, and the bins hold different shapes. I use sticky labels on the top, with the name of the spice and a mark to indicate if it’s ground or whole. That way, when I look in I can quickly see what I want, or I can pull out the bin onto the counter easily to get what I want. Keeping it under the counter keeps it cool and dark.”

painperdu‘s system requires construction: “In our most recent (!) kitchen renovation, the contractor put a shallow set of shelves at the end of the island, with doors. Because the shelves are adjustable height, and there’s room for about four, I can accommodate bags, bottles and jars (about the depth of small Mason jars, which I use for more popular bulk purchases). Also means I can group according to use (baking, curry, etc). It is brilliant, the best part of the reno.”

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