Chowhound yussdov swung by Williamsburg’s Saturday outdoor food fest, Smorgasburg, a week ago and was not impressed: “some of the words that come to mind are: hype, fluff, rip-off, bullxxxx. Mostly it’s tiny little portions of extremely overpriced, not that well prepared gourmet wannabe food for the upper middle class, trust funders and self indulgent hipsters.” Tell us how you really feel, yussdov!

He found Porchetta’s $5 roast pork slider overpriced for its size, and continued, “The whole thing made me lament the loss of the old Red Hook ballfields, where honest, unpretentious people sold filling portions of hearty food to folks from all walks of life.”

So is Smorgasburg a ripoff? jeeg thinks it could be more representational of the breadth of the city’s street vendors: “real street food at real street food prices.” But tex.s.toast “found the values to be fair, the portions right for sampling, and the prices, given some judicious choices and sharing – to be about par for that type of experience.” He attends Smorgasburg for the Dough doughnuts and fried anchovies. SmallGoodThings is a fan, too, snapping up pupusas and biscuits with jam and clotted cream. But Anicca says, “Couldn’t agree more! It had been on my mind all summer to drop by this place and I did so about a month ago and fled after 10 minutes. High prices, lines, the two things I sampled stunk.” Yowch.

San Gennaro is the street fair lapping up all the press love these days: It goes till September 25, and has caramel corn bombolini (fried doughnuts) right alongside old-school Italian sausage rolls (Robert Sietsema loves the ones at a stand called Fasullo’s). Have hounds been? Let’s get a thread going.

And meantime, is Smorgasburg overpriced?

Smorgasburg [Williamsburg]
East River Waterfront, between N. Sixth and N. Seventh streets, Brooklyn
No phone available

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