Overheard on the New York Boards

"The soup dumplings are the best I've had in ages, small and full of soup, filling lightly seasoned and loose as it's supposed to be. The Ningbo Fried Two Delights is fantastic—the fish was wrapped in tofu skin and fried, giving it a brilliant, brittle crispness, and the pork was lightly battered, with a tangle of slivered hot pepper, scallion, and fried garlic on top. Oh my goodness. The eel in brown sauce is excellent here, I haven't had it that beautifully prepared since Taipei. The bean curd sheets with fresh soybeans and pickled veg is one of the best in the city." – buttertart on highlights of her lunch at 456 Shanghai Cuisine

"It was ... transporting. Delicate flavor, creamy texture, huge (unbelievably huge) amounts of smoked fish. One of those culinary crises where it's so big that you could take half home and have it the next day, but it's so delicious that you can't stop eating it now. The only downside—some bones still in it." – sundeck sue on Sarge's sable with cream cheese on a poppy-seed bagel

"I will miss the frog legs, Dover sole, and soufflé, along with the old-style bistro atmosphere and the wonderful staff." – rrems on La Petite Auberge, which is closing October 8 after 35 years in business

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