Autumn is approaching, and DrMag is on the lookout for apple cider doughnuts. This being New England, they are now popping up everywhere, and many places offer a variety of apple-related activities and treats.

North of Boston, Madrid suggests Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, while DoubleMan likes Russell Orchards in Ipswich. Both farms have pick-your-own apples and delicious cider.

West of Boston, good options include Shelburne Farm and Honey Pot Hill Orchards in Stow, but there is some debate about Wilson Farm in Lexington. “You can get one right out of the fryer,” Pia says of the doughnuts, but sablemerle thinks that even the fresh doughnuts at Wilson Farm are lacking in flavor.

Closer to the city, StriperGuy likes the cider doughnuts at Ohlin’s Bakery in Belmont, which are back as of last weekend. Finally, even though it’s not an orchard, ecwashere7 thinks the best cider doughnuts are at Island Creek Oyster Bar, where they are served with caramel dipping sauce.

For more cider doughnut sightings, read the full thread, linked below.

Cider Hill Farm [Merrimack Valley]
45 Fern Avenue, Amesbury

Russell Orchards [North Shore]
143 Argilla Road, Ipswich

Shelburne Farm [North of Boston]
106 W. Acton Road, Stow

Honey Pot Hill Orchards [North of Boston]
144 Sudbury Road, Stow

Wilson Farm [North of Boston]
10 Pleasant Street, Lexington

Ohlin’s Bakery [North of Boston]
456 Common Street, Belmont

Island Creek Oyster Bar [Fenway]
500 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

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