Craft Beer Week is coming right up, with a number of beer-related events and a $10 “passport” that earns buyers discounted brews at 125 venues. I’m pleased to see that a few breweries I like are involved: Captain Lawrence, Pretty Things, Barrier Brewing, and the Bruery are all represented on this list.

The passport, if you’re curious, can be bought here: Last year it was a mix of discounted pints and free craft beers at bars around the city, and this year, according to Brew York New York, it will include the same mix of deals at over 125 bars and restaurants in all five boroughs. It may not end up a cheap way to spend your weekend, depending on how many pints you plan to tip back per pub, but if you’re up for exploring, only want a pint or two, and have a bicycle or a MetroCard, it’s probably worth a trip to a different part of town. (Your best bet is to flip through the booklet and check out the different deals before you commit, if you can!)

Among the bars featuring discounts are the Double Windsor in Windsor Terrace, Sycamore in Ditmas Park, and the Bronx Ale House. The focal point of a lot of hype thus far is the $55-and-up event on September 22, Brewer’s Choice, for which the least expensive “early bird” tickets are still available—only for a few more days. Brewers will present small-batch beers, pair them with food, and present seminars on various beers.

I’m of the opinion that the only way to do this sort of event—the lines are often bananas—is to get there as early as possible with a group of friends, send out folks to collect samples from various stations, and meet up to compare notes in between. But that’s just one beer-lover’s opinion.

Just don’t break out your discount passport on a date, OK?

Double Windsor [Windsor Terrace]
210 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn

Sycamore [Ditmas Park]
1118 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn

Bronx Ale House [Kings Bridge]
216 W. 238th Street, Bronx

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