Hounds like leafy Chinese celery for its earthy, herbal flavor and long keeping, and use it in place of standard celery in mirepoix and stocks. “Great stuff if you like the flavor of celery, and very convenient for putting into foods in small quantities,” says oldunc. “I use quite a bit of celery now, but used to have trouble using up a whole bunch—this was a good solution for me then.”

Use it like parsley, recommends BamiaWruz, who says it’s commonly used in Kurdish cuisine, chopped and added to dishes such as meatballs. Reflecting its English moniker, Chinese celery is also frequently an ingredient in the cooking of southeast China and Taiwan, according to qianning, who says it goes especially well with dried shrimp. Shrinkrap likes a salad of blanched Chinese celery marinated in a dressing of rice vinegar, sugar, chile pepper, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, and dried shrimp.

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