Overheard on the Home Cooking Board

"I use mine anytime I have more of something fresh than I can use. Lately I've been drying figs and cherry tomatoes. I can seldom use an entire head of celery, so I always dice half of it and dehydrate. It gives a nice intense celery flavor to soups and stews." - meatn3 on food dehydrators

"The chicken is not fried and in my experience it is almost always the leftovers from a roast chicken with gravy. My mother would always shred the leftover chicken and just store it in the leftover gravy then serve it over waffles a day or two later. Mmm... one of my favorites, and the salty gravy combined with the slight sweetness of the waffle is what makes it." - centralpadiner on Pennsylvania Dutch Country chicken and waffles

"When I take the lobsters out of the steamer, I put them in a colander, head down, that has been placed over a bowl to collect the 'juices.' Less drippiness at table and gives you some broth to either dip the lobster pieces or to freeze for future use when making a fish stock." - Gio

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