Simple pleasures abound this time of year at Blue Hill at Stone, where gorgeous farm-fresh produce is prepared with skill and minimal fuss. Lunch–three courses for $42, four choices per course–is a fine option that also offers visitors a stunning glimpse of the surrounding farmland.

Tomatoes, as you’d expect, are abundant and put to good use, with house-made cavatelli and basil, or in a bread salad with tuna (beautifully cooked sous-vide) and green and purple basil, reports chowcito. Slices of Stone Barns chicken–tender, juicy, and glistening like jewels–is served atop quinoa, says SLO (preparations change frequently, but this dish might also feature patty pan squash, corn, and greens). Also recommended: bean salad (enriched with house-cured lardo), corn soup (with cod croquettes and corn relish), and a salad of tender greens topped with a fried egg.

Not so summery but richly satisfying: meltingly tender meatloaf, a charcuterie plate of spicy and sweet meats, and Blue Hill’s signature warm chocolate bread pudding.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns [Westchester County]
630 Bedford Rd., Pocantico Hills, NY

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