A workday morning is rarely the time to bust out a batch of lemon ricotta pancakes for breakfast or to roll out pie dough for a quiche. But there’s also no need to resort to sad bowls of high-fiber cold cereal out of convenience.

These six recipes for hot breakfasts each take 15 minutes to make, involve minimal prep and cleanup, and taste as good as stuff you’d serve at a lazy Sunday brunch. If you lean toward sweet breakfasts, try the bruléed bananas with peanut butter, or the strawberry jam and cream cheese grilled sandwich. If you lean toward savory, don’t miss the breakfast nachos, our slacker version of chilaquiles.

Breakfast Pita-PizzaBreakfast Pita-Pizza

Breakfast NachosBreakfast Nachos

Fast Hammy GritsFast Hammy Grits

Grilled Jam and Cheese SandwichGrilled Jam and Cheese Sandwich

English Muffin with Bruléed Banana and Peanut ButterEnglish Muffin with Bruléed Banana and Peanut Butter

Egg in a NestEgg in a Nest

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