Some of the things we loved as children would disgust us now. But what about the childish treats that still sound appealing? “The big one for me is, and probably no one outside of Canada will know about these, Billot Logs,” says montrealeater. “Bright pink cake rolls filled with very sweet coconutty chemical cream and dusted with coconut. I thought these had been discontinued years ago until moving to Montreal and discovering that not only were they still made, but they were SOLD IN BOXES OF 6. Of course, my sister and immediately bought a couple of boxes and ate ourselves to near nostalgic sickness. Still crave them sometimes, and I always give in to the craving.”

For escondido123, it’s “Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese in the blue box. I have no kids or grandkids, but 2 boxes are in the cupboard.” In concession to adult tastes, however, “Mine is all heavy cream, no butter, lots of black pepper—and I only use two-thirds of the macaroni,” says escondido123.

“I have never grown out of love for my Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese,” agrees NellyNel. “My special way is no butter or milk, just a nice heaping splash of white wine! I got that from a CH post a few years back—and indeed, it’s wonderful! Kind of a fondue vibe to it.”

“I usually assuage my guilt by buying the frou-frou organic versions, but: box mac ‘n’ cheese, with frozen peas (not reheated, poured straight from the freezer onto the top of the mac ‘n’ cheese) on top,” says antimony. “Eaten like a hungry teenager while the temperatures still have that reverse-hot-fudge-sundae temperature difference. Mmm.”

lcool fondly remembers “tapioca, still warm with extra vanilla extract.” And mamachef goes one better, finding culinary uses for baby food. “Can’t manage baby rice flakes, but I have no problem stirring strained plums or apricots by Gerber straight into my yogurt—or over ice cream. Also both work as a great binder for cobblers, etc: a jar of apricot baby food is a wonder stirred into an apple crisp; gives amazing flavor and nobody can figure it out.”

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