If you’re having a birthday, or a big cake-centered party, there are appealing bakery options around Cambridge and Somerville.

Even though the prices are steep at Flour, MC Slim JB thinks their cakes are worth every penny. BostonZest suggests ordering the Boston cream pie.

Tialeah likes the cake from Lyndell’s. “The yellow cake with buttercream is delicious,” she says. “Take a chance with them!”

beetlebug suggests heading slightly west to Quebrada Baking Co. in East Arlington, and Science Chick agrees. “All their cakes are rich, moist, flavorful and not overly sugary,” she says.

Finally, for a special-order cake, enhF94 suggests calling the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and arranging something with a second-semester pastry student. “First semester has the skills, but might as well get an extra bit of experience.”

Flour Bakery + Café [Central Square]
190 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Lyndell’s Bakery [North of Boston]
720 Broadway, Somerville

Lyndell’s Bakery [Cambridge]
74 Prospect Street, Cambridge

Quebrada Baking Co. [North of Boston]
208 Massachusetts Avenue, East Arlington

Cambridge School of Culinary Arts [Cambridge]
2020 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Discuss: Seeking delicious yellow layer cake with superior chocolate frosting to feed about 40.

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