“Really want to go out for sushi tomorrow night. Really want to watch the US Open/ LSUvOregon Football game/GiantsvPats Football game. Is there a great restaurant that serves Sushi but also has multiple TV Screens?”

The urge for a California roll with a side of New York football is unusual but certainly not unheard of, and this query from UpperWestFam is starting quite the conversation on the boards. gramres22 suggests Tenzan. gutsofsteel counters an hour later that the food there is “borderline inedible.” gramres22 asks what his suggestion would be instead. gutsofsteel replies, “I’m the wrong person to ask. I don’t eat ‘weeknight’ sushi unless I’m forced to. I’d much rather go less frequently and eat higher quality sushi. On the UWS if I want sushi I go to Gari.”

“Weeknight sushi” now having picked up steam as an awesome phrase, msny98 comments that “I find Tenzan to be a good ‘weeknight sushi’ choice on the UWS,” but follows with, “A bigger question is ‘Who eats sushi while watching football…. ?’ granted it isn’t cold yet and wings are not the only thing to eat… but football and sushi??” Exactly.

This being New York City, there’s got to be another sports-and-sushi-loving hound in the UWS. Time to out yourself.

Tenzan [Upper West Side]
285 Columbus Avenue, Manhattan

Gari [Upper West Side]
370 Columbus Avenue, Manhattan

Discuss: Sports & Sushi – Can I have the best of both worlds at a restaurant?

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