A roundup of some of our favorite articles from food blogs and websites.

Fancy Toast: Guests at an un-birthday party succumb to the urge to slather homemade barbecue sauce all over their faces, and the resulting photos are pretty funny. The recipe must have been good! —Amy

David Lebovitz: David Lebovitz and Heidi Swanson check out Smitten Ice Cream’s supersmooth liquid-nitrogen-frozen ice cream in San Francisco. —Amy

Yummly: These haute Jell-O shots definitely aren’t for the fist-pumping, beer-can-crushing crowd. I especially love the boozy watermelon wedges (see photo above). —Lisa

Vimeo: This travel web-video series spanning 11 countries just adds fuel to the fire I have to get on a plane and do some wandering (and a lot of eating). —Lisa

Can You Stay for Dinner?: Some of my favorite ingredients go into this easy no-cook Thai peanut sauce: peanut butter, coconut milk, fish sauce, hot sauce, and lime juice. I’m looking forward to pouring it over, well, everything. —Christine

ieat ishoot ipost: This video gives tips on how to get that elusive smoky wok hei (“wok breath”) flavor into your fried rice. —Christine

Image source: That’s So Michelle…

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