So Ladurée New York, a branch of the Parisian macaron confectioner, opened last week after much anticipation and hubbub. There were long lines, quick sellouts of popular flavors like salted caramel, and bizarre flavor combinations like cinnamon-raisin (an homage to the New York bagel?).

Lest you find yourself mesmerized by all the pretty colors when you finally make it to the front of the line, Chowhounds offer some advice—actually, 34 comments’ worth and counting. ellenost reports that the caramel and lemon “are terrific.” coasts adds, “Vanilla was a surprise standout, as was the strawberry. Ms. Coasts said that the rose petal flavor gave her goosebumps on her brain.” (coasts assures us that this is “a good thing.”)

There were naysayers too, of course. lanadai says, “I tried 12 different flavors, way too sweet and too soft, not chewy enough. … The salted caramel didn’t taste like there was any salt in there at all.” The biggest zinger from lanadai? The rose petal “reminded me of eating lipstick.” Yowch.

Have you been? Are the macarons worth the $2.70 apiece? Or are you going to wait till Ladurée SoHo opens? Do tell!

Ladurée New York [Upper East Side]
864 Madison Avenue, Manhattan

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