Chowhound September 2011 Cookbook of the Month

Every month, the members of our Chowhound discussion board about home cooking choose a cookbook or two to cook from, then post about their experiences on the board. They call this collaborative cooking project Cookbook of the Month, and anyone and everyone can jump in, from experienced cooks to people just learning.

This month, the selections are Tender and The Kitchen Diaries by British chef/writer Nigel Slater. Tender is all about recipes inspired by the seasonal harvests in Slater’s home garden; and The Kitchen Diaries is an interesting approach to cookbook writing in which Slater documented the things he actually made at home for a whole year, with engaging notes on what motivated him, like a gray, drizzly day that begged for a cake to be baked.

Check out the Chowhound Cookbook of the Month archive to get a feel for the project, then join the fun by contributing to the September COTM discussion thread. And if you don’t have the books, don’t worry—there are even handy tips on the board from other Chowhounds about where to locate some of the recipes online!

Tender by Nigel Slater
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