“I’m a Mainer by birth and have eaten lobster and steamed clams all of my life,” says Pat Hammond. “While in Maine this summer we had another Mainer over for lobster and clams and served the obligatory little cup of drawn butter. I was well into my meal, when she asked for some cider vinegar. I gave her the bottle and she added some to her butter. I tried it and it’s *really* good. It cuts the richness of the butter just enough.”

“It is very good. My mom (not a ‘Mainer’ but lives in Maine) prefers cider vinegar with ginger to butter,” says thimes. “So we often have both, and you’re right, it is very tasty. While maybe not ‘news,’ I don’t think a lot of people do it. But as any good ‘fish’ cook will tell you, a little acid with seafood is always a good thing.”

And a squeeze of lemon in the butter itself doesn’t give quite the same effect. “I like squeezing the lemon directly on my shellfish because citrus tastes slightly dulled when it’s slightly warmed, perhaps because of its fragility,” says agoodbite. “Think of the difference between pasteurized, bottled lemon juice as opposed to fresh.”

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