Even though many items at Super 88 Food Court in Allston contain meat, there are plenty of treats for vegetarians as well.

galleygirl is impressed that there are six types of veggie pajon (Korean pancakes) available at Misono Grill. They “are great,” she explains. “Not lardy and crispy like scallion pie (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), but more like veggies lightly coated in a mung bean flour batter.”

Several hounds praise the tofu banh mi at Pho Viet, and lergnom also lists some favorite vegetarian Indian dishes at JMP.

Finally, gansu girl recommends the spicy salted tofu at Kantin. “Chunks of tofu lightly fried and salted, accompanied by spicy green peppers (there is also spicy salted fish if there’s a pescetarian in the bunch).”

Misono Grill [Allston]
1095 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 207, Boston

Pho Viet [Allston]
1095 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 204, Boston

JMP Food Hut [Allston]
1095 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Kantin [Allston]
1095 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 203, Boston

Discuss: big friday lunch with skeptical vegetarians @ 88, allston. order??

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