Most home cooks know that large roasts should rest before being carved, so their juices can reabsorb. The same is true of the simple steak. But how to keep such a small piece of meat from cooling off while it rests? Here’s what happens: during the resting period, the internal temperature of a piece of meat will actually increase from the residual heat, explains Norm Man. This is called the carryover cooking effect. In his experience, the internal temperature of a steak will rise around 5-7 degrees.

So, to rest a steak: place your cooked steak on a warmed plate. Crease a piece of foil to form a tent shape, and drape the foil over the plate so it doesn’t touch the steak. This’ll keep all the heat in without compromising the steak’s crust. Finally, you only need to rest a steak around five minutes before digging in. If it’s an inch thick, it still won’t want more than ten minutes.

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