High-Tech Grilled Cheese Media Frenzy Brings on the Bad Cheese Puns

This week's opening of the new "techie" grilled cheese sandwich shop The Melt in San Francisco seemed to engage the pun-making synapses in writers' brains. Here's a quick sampling of some of the verbal cheese that oozed onto the written page:

"Jonathan Kaplan made it easy for consumers to shoot cheesy home movies when he founded the company behind the Flip Video camcorder." - Associated Press

"Flip founder wants you to melt for grilled cheese" - San Francisco Business Times

"Serial Entrepeneur Melts Down in San Francisco" - Technorati

"Jonathan Kaplan: From Flip Cams To Flipping Grilled Cheese" - The Wall Street Journal's Venture Capital Dispatch

"Say cheese! Flip camera founder opens new restaurant The Melt" - VentureBeat

"Grilled Cheese Restaurant Lets Phone Orders 'Gouda' the Front of the Line" - PCWorld's Geek Tech

Image source: CHOW.com

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