This week’s opening of the new “techie” grilled cheese sandwich shop The Melt in San Francisco seemed to engage the pun-making synapses in writers’ brains. Here’s a quick sampling of some of the verbal cheese that oozed onto the written page:

“Jonathan Kaplan made it easy for consumers to shoot cheesy home movies when he founded the company behind the Flip Video camcorder.” – Associated Press

“Flip founder wants you to melt for grilled cheese” – San Francisco Business Times

“Serial Entrepeneur Melts Down in San Francisco” – Technorati

“Jonathan Kaplan: From Flip Cams To Flipping Grilled Cheese” – The Wall Street Journal’s Venture Capital Dispatch

“Say cheese! Flip camera founder opens new restaurant The Melt” – VentureBeat

“Grilled Cheese Restaurant Lets Phone Orders ‘Gouda’ the Front of the Line” – PCWorld’s Geek Tech

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