Nem nuong is a beloved Vietnamese pork sausage found in meatball and patty form, and Dat Thanh may be the new champion maker in Little Saigon, says Lau. Dat Thanh’s nem nuong cuon—nem nuong in a raw rice wrapper—completely changed Lau’s view of the dish. It’s revelatory, amazing, says Lau, with an utterly fresh rice wrapper, thin and delicate. The nem nuong itself is juicy and flavorful, with crispy bits of fried wrapper inside the roll, giving it a great texture.

Dat Thanh’s com tam pork chop combo is also excellent, with com tam—broken rice—shredded pork skin, and a pork chop. Lau says it’s the best com tam he’s had, with excellent consistency. “The owner told me he thinks very few places get their com tam right because they don’t take the time to cook it correctly,” says Lau. And the shredded pork skin is not an afterthought, but carefully flavored and textured.

Dat Thanh [Little Saigon]
10032 McFadden Avenue, Westminster

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