Intelligentsia is doing some pretty rockin’ stuff with its Slow Bar in the Venice location, says LATrapp. One week, the theme was ’90s rock; the next, milks in flavors like macadamia nut.

“I can see how a theme of different milks fits. On the other hand, unless they are talking the kind of rock you smoke and how long it keeps you up vs. their triple espresso, I am failing to see how ’90s rock fits as a ‘theme’ for their business,” says Servorg.

“Basically, they let one barista curate or handle the Slow Bar for the week,” explains LATrapp. “They pick the theme, they craft the menu, choose the beans, and handle the customers. I think it’s great to give employees that kind of freedom and the ability to showcase their personal style.”

keepon always loved the Slow Bar, which debuted with Intelligentsia Venice’s opening, but was quickly closed down before being revived. “I’m glad it’s back—for me it’s not about the coffee itself, but a chance to see how baristas can indulge their own coffee fantasies and be themselves is really cool.”

Intelligentsia Venice [Westside – Beaches]
1331 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Los Angeles

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