Major props to Chowhounds for being an incredible resource during the hurricane-turned-tropical-storm. A reporter can only make phone calls to figure out what was open and what was not, or report on what she sees in one neighborhood at a time: Some places said they’d be open but never ended up opening.

Chowhounds acted as both reporters and fact-checkers, and sent in accounts based on what was actually open from all over the city: the Lower East Side, Gramercy, Carnegie Hill, Hell’s Kitchen, and Williamsburg. addictedtolunch scored a great early dinner at Peter Luger, a notoriously difficult-to-reserve space that he said was almost empty on Saturday night! Lucky guy. (Apparently the restaurant had stopped seating people by 6:45, so as to send the staff home safe and sound.)

Did anyone else make it out to a restaurant? (Leaving aside the question of whether it was right for restaurateurs to keep their staffs working as a hurricane settled in.) UES Mayor had the same question. He ended up at Café d’Alsace across the street from his home. peter j landed at Viand in the Upper West Side, and Hey19 scored a table for six at Lil’ Frankie’s, “right in the window to watch the rain.”

Did you brave the hurricane and score some good eats? Where did you land?

Peter Luger [Williamsburg]
178 Broadway, Brooklyn

Café d’Alsace [Upper East Side]
1695 Second Avenue, Manhattan

Viand Cafe [Upper West Side]
2130 Broadway, Manhattan

Lil’ Frankie’s [East Village]
19 First Avenue, Manhattan

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Let’s have fun-Where did you have dinner Saturday (night of Hurricane)-keep it short and simple

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