Tonig and a guest visited Mancora, a Peruvian restaurant in San Mateo, and were impressed by the flavorful dishes and friendly service.

They enjoyed pollo a la brassa (a rotisserie chicken served with french fries and a salad), which was as good as Fresca’s version in San Francisco. The spicy sauce alongside the chicken was a welcome bonus. Tonig’s husband enjoyed a flavorful ceviche (with extra points for a pretty presentation).

Prices were reasonable, about $10 to $15 for most dishes. Peruvian cuisine seems to have gained a toehold at this location, despite a lot of turnover. This space used to house Estampas Peruanas some time ago, then became Wasiiki (where ankimo liked the pescado a la macho back in May 2010), and now flies the “Under New Management” flag yet again in its newest incarnation.

Mancora Restaurant [Peninsula]
2319 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo

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