When you’re bored with sautéing and grilling, perhaps it’s time to turn to unconventional cooking appliances, putting machines built for other uses to work.

“I wrapped a salmon in aluminum foil, secured it to my motorcycle exhaust and rode from the store to my campsite,” says ROCKLES. “I had put lemon, butter and herbs in the foil. It came out great.” “I did a similar thing with meatball sandwiches for a car rally I was in,” says CarrieWas218. “They were warm and satisfying straight from under the hood!” If this idea strikes your fancy, there’s even a cookbook to light the way: Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine! has techniques and recipes for everything from s’mores to whole stuffed fish, with the mileage necessary to cook them.

“I did have a recipe somewhere for cooking salmon in the dishwasher, but I never actually tried it,” says TheHuntress. “I am getting a new dishwasher this week, maybe now’s the time to give it a shot.” “Years ago, I would use the top of my 19-inch boat anchor computer monitor to warm lunch that was stored in the fridge at work,” says Antilope. “I didn’t want to fight for the microwave, so I would just place the item on the monitor an hour or two before lunch. It didn’t get things really hot, just broke the chill and got it a little warmer than room temp.”

You can even let your washing machine take the toil out of prep work. “A mesh bag in a clothes washer set on cold is a great way of washing the grit out of collard greens or spinach,” says hill food. You might want to stick with the delicate cycle.

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