ipsedixit likes Oreos. “The original ones,” she says. “Y’know, a single layer of creme filling sandwiched between two chocolate wafers? Yes, that one. Not the double stuff, or the whatever stuff. The original Oreo. It was perfect. In. Every. Respect. Good ratio of sugar to artificial chocolate flavoring and just thick and sturdy enough to dunk in coffee, milk, or whatever your beverage of choice might be.”

But she is not a fan of the latest alternate-reality Oreo, the Triple Double. “This monstrosity … has both regular and chocolate filling sandwiched between three chocolate wafers. How best to describe its problems? Well, first it’s too thick. And it’s too sweet. And it just tastes awful. Plus, it looks stupid.”

“I have to believe these are still better than the Oreo Cakesters,” says Davwud. “Yeah, Oreo Cakesters are like what Oreos taste like if someone leaves the bag open for about two days,” agrees ipsedixit. “Perfect if you’re trying to feed your grandma who has had a mouthful of denture work recently done.”

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