Locals first noticed Staff Meal when it began serving around town in April, and a growing list of satisfied visitors want to tell you what to order.

First of all, the truck itself is a little low-profile; several hounds were nervous approaching it, thinking it might be a catering truck for the businesses in the parking lot Staff Meal parks in. Once they found their way forward, delicious things were had. mats77 tried a total of four sandwiches. The meaty ones were the best: meatloaf, headcheese, and oxtail. “All were delicious and the bread was great,” says mats77. “The grilled cheese sandwich with quince paste was good but not in the league with the others. The foie gras baklava was weird but it worked.”

FastTalkingHighTrousers recommends the “incredibly light but still crispy” arepas, the “tangy” pickled watermelon slaw, and the Chinese sausage steamed buns, filled with Chinese sausage and rice. “They described it as ‘cold Chinese food in a bun.’ It was the best thing I’ve eaten in a while.”

MC Slim JB had a similar treat at the truck, only in a mu shu wrapper instead of a bun. “It was so good I immediately went back and got a second one. That doesn’t happen very often.”

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