More restaurants are starting to recognize the viability of raw bars and oyster appetizers. And it’s a great season for oysters: When served correctly, they’re a refreshing counterpoint to the heat, and for many, they’re addictive.

So it’s no surprise to see Chowhounds like famdoc hunting for a great oyster hangout in Park Slope. The primary requirements: “quality oysters, good wines by the glass, good selection of craft beers, relatively low noise level and…reasonable price.” famdoc is apparently in good company, as hounds commented within hours. BrookBoy loves that oysters are $1.50 during the Blue Ribbon happy hour. phuh3 says the Brooklyn outpost of Mary’s Fish camp “should fit the bill,” but other hounds disagree. Miss Needle reports, “Last time I had clams and oysters at Brooklyn Fish Camp, there were a lot of bits of shell in it.” Oof! Not refreshing.

Mike R. suggests venturing further afield, to Cornelius and its dollar oysters in Prospect Heights, but in the end, famdoc reported back—I love when folks report back!—that she wound up eating a dozen “fresh and satisfyingly briny” oysters at Blue Ribbon for $1.50 apiece, pairing them with a Muscadet that made for a “perfect match.” Tip of the hat to famdoc for a sharp comment about the service: “Bartender was personable and generous. Shucker was a fine man.” Nice.

Where would you have suggested famdoc go?

Blue Ribbon Brooklyn [Park Slope]
280 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Fish Camp [Park Slope]
162 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

Cornelius [Prospect Heights]
565 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn

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