Overheard on the New York Boards

"Alas ... last night and tonight [Aug. 19 and 20] will be the last days of the Santos menu at Griffou. The restaurant and its investors want to go in a different direction. One that I don't really fit into.... apparently my food was leaning on the side of [too] quality driven as far as technique and ingredient. They want to take a rustic Italian route. Not really my style so I thought it best to part ways and find something that better suits me.... Sometimes a place's history is just [too] much for one simple man to overcome." - chopjwu12 (a.k.a. chef David Santos) announcing his departure from Hotel Griffou, a venue better known for its scene than its food before his arrival last fall; Chowhounds had heartily endorsed Santos's Portuguese brunch and, most recently, his tasting menu dinners

"The gyros, particularly the pork, were amazing. Juicy, meaty hunks along with the best tzatziki sauce I've ever had. I scarfed down my gyro in about 10 seconds, it was sooo good." - queenseats on BZ Grill in Queens

"The texture of the clams was so pleasantly chewy and cut into just the right-size pieces. The bite and crunch of the radish next to the sweeter watermelon really stood out. The fruity, refreshing marinating, citrus juices were so delicious my boyfriend wanted to drink them when he finished eating all the solid bits." – plumpdumpling on a ceviche that was part of her tasting menu dinner at Asiate

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