La Calle’s mobile offshoot, El TacoBike, puts the ubiquitous Denver breakfast burrito carts to shame, according to Pius Avocado III. For $5, you get scrambled eggs, whole or refried beans, crunchy fried potatoes, and high-quality chorizo wrapped in a tortilla. The spicy chocolate drink, loaded with cinnamon, is itself worth the trip to wherever the bike is parked.

While 10foot5‘s visit to the La Calle mother ship was less successful (torta with yellow mustard?!?), his holiness Pius Avocado III recommends the chile verde tostadas and bean-and-cheese burritos there and notes that the burritos are also available at El TacoBike.

La Calle [East Bay]
1000 Broadway, Oakland

El TacoBike [Mobile]
No formal address, see website for location
No phone available

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