Overheard on the New York Boards

"I decided to order the Jacques Burger, which is made with fresh melted blue cheese, thin slices of roasted apple and caramelized onions. I ordered it medium rare and it was cooked to perfection. I could not believe how good the burger was considering it's not on one of the 'best' lists." – Beau711 on Jacques

"The vegetable shish kebabs were grilled well—soft but firm, with crispy charred edges. A whole onion, still in its skin, was distinctly sweet. A single plum tomato with blackened skin revealed smoky-flavored, liquefied insides at the first cut of a knife. ... The sour vegetables would have been at home in any Jewish deli. A huge hunk of red cabbage was mildly sour and still crunchy, while shredded white cabbage tossed with carrots and parsley had a vinegary bite and spicy, fragrant undertones from coriander seeds. The whole pickled tomato—still firm and flavorful but endowed with a tangy, dill-infused kick—was the highlight of the platter." – CitySpoonful on meatless highlights at meat-lovers' paradise Cheburechnaya in Queens

"I'm quite fond of the Greenmarket Melonball (gin, cantaloupe, Calpico, Pernod mist, fresh lemon). And you can't go wrong with the Pegu Club classics like the Pisco punch (pineapple-infused pisco with grapefruit syrup, lime syrup, and lime juice), the Jamaican Firefly (a Dark and Stormy with lime), or the Old Cuban (champagne mojito)." – kathryn on some favorite cocktails at Pegu Club

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