A San Leandro reggae lounge with Jamaican food at reasonable prices hits the right notes for moto, who visited recently.

Sweet Fingers, on East 14th Street (just over the border from Oakland), serves island favorites like goat curry, fried plantains, and okra. A combo plate of goat and oxtail curry arrived alongside fried plantains, rice with peas, and a sidecar of slaw. The tender, bone-in meat came soaked in pleasantly spicy, not-too-salty gravy. Should you desire, you can amplify the heat with one of two hot sauces available tableside.

What really stood out for moto was the TLC paid to the veggies: In a coconut curry dish, the okra and other vegetables retained their bright colors and satisfyingly crunchy textures, ably standing up to the shrimp and chicken.

Sound too good to be true? Well, there’s a slight hitch. moto confirms the one downside Yelp reviewers have pointed out: Sweet Fingers’ small staff means slow service. Prepare for a wait of an hour or so, and eat early to avoid crowds that back up the kitchen.

Sweet Fingers [East Bay]
464 E. 14th Street, San Leandro

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