Remember Cactus Cooler? It’s an orange-pineapple soda that—if Wikipedia is to be believed—was inspired by Fred’s favorite drink on The Flintstones. Now sold mainly in Southern California, the lightly carbonated beverage makes regular guest appearances on the ganja-drama Weeds.

svois2 unearthed a 2008 thread seeking a Cactus Cooler distributor near San Jose in order to mention that the soda’s sold at the Lucky Supermarket on Bernal Road.

Where else can a soda-lover find the less-than-usual suspects?

A February 2011 thread identifying purveyors of hard-to-find sodas called out Fog City News for its selection of obscure thirst-quenchers, while an April 2011 thread informed Michigan natives that their much-beloved Faygo sodas can be found at the BevMo! on Van Ness.

Lucky Supermarket [South Bay]
129 Bernal Road, San Jose

Fog City News [Financial District]
455 Market Street, San Francisco

BevMo! [Polk Gulch]
1301 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

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