“Every time I go to an aquarium I have to get sushi afterward,” says chocojosh. “I think it’s something about the smell.”

“I certainly do, especially at Monterey Bay Aquarium where that sustainable fish watch list comes from,” says K K. “I am such a bad person. But to be fair I only drool over the schools of sardines, mackerels, and silvery fish types. I’m sure that’s nowhere near as bad as, say, someone who takes their kid to the local children’s petting zoo and then thinks about a dinner of some delicious roast rack of lamb, rabbit a la fine dining, Peruvian style cuy, goat cheese etc.”

“When we lived in Baltimore we had a membership to the aquarium and as I walked around I would tell the fish that I would be eating their relatives later,” says viperlush. “Everytime we walked home we would stop for sushi. Although I did stop eating octopus after hearing stories about how smart they are and how much enrichment the aquariums have to give them to keep them from getting bored.”

“Funny. I have had that craving while spearfishing,” says scubadoo97. “Glad the sharks were not thinking of the same thing. Problem was they were but I couldn’t see them.”

“We used to have some really lovely blue crawfish in multiple fish tanks at work (in waiting rooms),” says DuchessNukem. “Since I walk round the whole hospital, some days I’d dream of gathering them all up and having a little low-country boil for dinner. I think they could read my mind. Sometimes one would shake an angry little claw at me.”

Discuss: Does anyone else get a craving for sushi when you visit the aquarium?

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