“I’m in the middle of taking recipes I’ve collected, and transferring them to Gmail, using their label system, in order to have the collection all together and, well, collected,” says sueatmo. “Even though I’ve not baked much in a long time I find that I want to collect my old baking recipes. I feel they are ‘mine’ in some way, or perhaps that are part of ‘my’ collection of recipes. Perhaps they represent some way I felt about how I cooked for my family.”

“The only time I ever feel any pangs of ownership is when I give someone a recipe they ask for, and then they substitute a whole lot of ingredients or skip an important step and complain that it wasn’t a good recipe,” says Isolda. “I think, ‘well, no, that wasn’t, but the one I gave you was.’ That’s only happened to me a couple of times, though. Most of the time, I really don’t care and am pleased if someone asks how to make something. It does crack me up when I’ll make a complicated cake from scratch and someone asks if it will taste okay if they substitute a mix. Sure, it might, but it will definitely taste different!”

“When I was in my mid twenties, I asked someone at a party for their recipe,” says JEN10. “She had made a Caeser Salad and I had not had the pleasure of having one homemade before. This gal was so full of herself she refused me. I was shocked, as I thought it was a compliment to her. I on the other hand love to share my recipes and cooking knowledge with anyone that asks.”

“The recipe does not make the food,” ipsedixit reminds us. “The most critical component of any recipe (of all cooking for that matter) is *you*.”

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