Does legitimate barbecue exist in Boston? Can the real deal survive and thrive in the heart of New England?

No, argues Karl S, who helpfully suggests: “Drive about 800 miles southwest, where you’d expect to find it.” Others suggest that merely driving past Worcester to Sturbridge would do the trick, in order to sample the goodness that is served up at B.T.’s Smokehouse. “I grew up in Kentucky and have ventured south many times for barbecue (both east to TN/NC and west to MO/TX) and BT’s is the only place I’d consider taking southern friends who would want to try our ‘cue,” says JoeM.

Some surprising options exist off the beaten path, too: Matt H recommends the Saturday barbecue at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge.

And depending on what your definition of barbecue is (need it be smoked? is open pit OK?), M&M Ribs in Dorchester may have you covered with “Really good ribs – best I’ve had in Boston,” according to Dave MP.

B.T.’s Smokehouse [Sturbridge]
392 Main Street, Sturbridge

Formaggio Kitchen [Cambridge]
244 Huron Avenue, Cambridge

M&M Ribs [Dorchester]
26 Puritan Avenue, Dorchester

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