On a Saturday or Sunday, you should really seek out Trejo’s Mexican, says Porthos. They do amazing barbacoa on the weekends—roasted goat. It’s stellar, says Porthos, tender and flavorful. Get it in the combo platter with their moist, lovely carnitas. House-made chips and salsa are also addictively excellent.

The barbacoa is best at lunch: fresh-made, and more plentiful. They tend to run out by dinnertime.

If you can’t get the barbacoa, try their soups and stews. “As we speak, I’m feasting on a perfect pork neck bone soup which has tremendous flavor…and I’m trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to save the rest for dinner since I already polished off a combo carnitas and barbacoa plate only 30 minutes prior,” says Porthos. Skip the tacos and burritos, though.

Trejo’s Mexican [Orange County – Beaches]
17436 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach

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