The best sandwich ever may be the pork belly at the Spice Table. “Best $11 sandwich ever. It’s like a bbq pork banh mi had a 1 night stand with a Langer’s #19 and this pork belly sandwich is the bastard child,” says ns1.

The pork belly sandwich is “EXCELLENT,” agrees Dommy. “Thinly sliced. I was with fellow hound Chef Lisa at the time and she pegged it as ‘Vietnamese pastrami’… SO GOOD.”

“I tried the pork belly for lunch today and pastrami was my first thought as well–the cole slaw in the sandwich may have helped in that regard,” says New Trial. “‘EXCELLENT’ just about covers it.”

The one thing Dommy likes more than the Spice Table’s pork belly sandwich? Their catfish sandwich. “It was more Po’Boy than Banh Mi… but overall it made a much better sandwich all on its own!”

Other advice: Their sweet potato chips are terrible. Have the shrimp chips instead.

The Spice Table [Downtown]
114 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles

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