The fine folks at Danny Meyer Enterprises have done their darndest to keep the details of the upcoming Brooklyn Shake Shack blogger-proof—there are high wooden walls surrounding the corner of Fulton and Adams where the Shack will reside. But here are the details: Meyer has greatly expanded the footprint of the erstwhile Tony’s Famous Pizza. That plywood stretches right up onto the western curb and goes back several storefronts’ length on either side, and before the plywood went up we noticed that the interior of the shop had been totally remodeled. In fact, several other local businesses were pushed out to make room, including a shoeshine man who sued the landlord for a payout he’d allegedly been promised.

We can probably anticipate a decent-sized Shack (although, darn it, we still want to know which side the line will be on).

How soon will there be Shackburgers in Brooklyn? I called a rep from Union Square Hospitality Group, who said the opening is slated for “late fall/early winter … likely December.” Please help us keep an eye on it, hounds!

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